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Ardent seeks to buy global equities, at reasonable prices, in high ‘Return on Investment’ (“ROI”) companies that can be held for lengthy periods of time.


Active investing is contrarian irrespective of growth or value

Company selection is a factor of intensive research, considering the firm's long-term prospects, adaptability and competitive strategy

Objectivity is key to seeing reality for what it is, knowing when to be patient, when to be decisive or when to step away

Base decisions on a sound theoretical framework, tempered by historical perspective and minimal emotional or cognitive bias



Opportunistically invest in 10-15 core names, selected for their ability to deliver above average ROI and superior long-term prospects

Capitalize on market dislocations to acquire researched, quality securities

Wait for discounted entry prices to initiate any purchase

Remain focused on the economic fundamentals of the company, its operating expertise and its ability to sustain its dominant position

Expect to hold core positions for more than five years

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